Ontario Visually Impaired Golf (OVIG) Provincials and the ISPS Handa Canadian Open Blind Golf Championships will be held in Guelph (the Royal City) August 16th to the 21st 


The Ontario Provincials will be held at the Victoria Park East Golf Course on Sunday August 16th to Tuesday August 18th 


The ISPS Handa Canadian Open will be held at the Guelph Lakes Golf Course on Wednesday August 19th to Friday August 21st 

Questions? Please Call 519 993 5752

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Your funding will help subsidize their travel, the travel of their sight coaches (needed to help navigate the course and follow the ball), and will help subsidize their greens fees

We are working to

bring a group of

visually impaired

and blind golfers

together to

participate in the

Canadian and Ontario

Open Championship

Tournaments in

August of 2020.

Visually impaired

golfers are spread

throughout Canada,

and throughout the

world, so this is not

an inexpensive


















These tournaments are a great opportunity for blind and visually impaired people to connect with others going through similar issues in life and have a golfing experience with similarly abled golfers, enjoying competition on a level playing field